Here at 24K, you are our top priority. Let us tell your wedding day story in a stunning, cinematic fashion. We hope to not only provide you with our services, but to also provide you with our friendship. You matter to us!

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  • 5 Hour Coverage

  • 2 Professional Videographers

    • If able and free of charge!​

  • 4K Highlight Film

  • Drone Footage (if possible)

  • Free Wedding Film Trailer

    • Delivered within 5 days!​

  • Full film delivered in 45 days!



  • Full Day Coverage

  • 2 Professional Videographers ​

    • If able and free of charge!​

  • 4K Highlight Film​

  • Drone Footage (if possible)

  • Free Wedding Film Trailer

    • Delivered within 2 days!​

  • Full Film delivered in 30 days!​




  • It's simple, this package comes with EVERYTHING! Yes, EVERYTHING! All of our add-ons (see below), full day coverage, you name it, you got it! This package has a value of $4800, but you can get it all at once for $3800! 



So, you've looked over all of our packages and options, and you just can't seem to find the right fit for your wants and your budget... don't you worry! Don't leave yet, we also package customization! Together, we can construct a perfect package that can suit your needs and fit in your budget! 

Just shoot us an email or fill out the contact form on the CONTACT page, and let's chat!


Listed below are all of our add-ons! Perhaps you don't purchase the ultimate package, yet you want one of these add-ons... let us know! We can add any of these to any package you wish!



Sit down with us and tell us your love story... all on film! We want to hear how you met, when and where you met, how and when you knew they were "the one", and more! This turns your wedding day film into a film about your entire love story!


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You want us there for your rehearsal dinner? We can do that! This comes as a separate film, although, some shots can be used in the final highlight film as well! Purchasing this add-on gives you a film that showcases the entire 2-day process of your wedding!




Every shot, every angle, all the audio, and more, beautifully edited and crafted into a cinematic film of your ceremony! This comes as an entirely separate film of your ceremony alone, from start to finish! Yes, EVERYTHING from your ceremony comes in this film!


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FOMO? What does that even mean? A FOMO edit means a "Fear Of Missing Out" edit! What we do here is compile all, and we mean ALL of the footage we captured that day, together to create one super long "home movie" of your wedding day! This is a separate film.




There's just something about things that are tangible... something you can hold! This video library book comes with your film(s), with images of you on the cover! You open the book and inside of it is a screen, where your film(s) automatically play once you open it!


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Much like the video album, this is another luxurious, beautiful, and tangible item for your keeping! This is an engraved box and USB containing your film(s)! Your last name or initials (your choice) will be engraved on a beautiful wooden box and USB!